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07/12 - Quartet Mèlt sings "Xarrampim!" a cappella / El Priorat
08/12 - Quartet Mèlt sings "Xarrampim!" a capella 21h / SAT-Teatre Centre, Sant Joan de les Abadesses
13/12 - Songs of love and demons - Duo 22:30h / Cycle Thursdays at the Hotel, Matadepera
14/12 - Songs of love and demons - Duo / Festival de Hopsters, Besalú
23/12 - Quartet Mèlt sings "Xarrampim!" with band / 6pm - €3 / Pineda de Mar
12/30 - Quartet Mèlt sings "Xarrampim!" with band at the Kursaal / Manresa / tickets sold out
03/11 - CHAMBER TASTING with Magalí Sare, Vinseum Auditorium, Vilafranca del Penedès
03/11 - Magalí Sare solo, Programa FAQs, TV3
08/11 - STOMACH by Clara Peya in Castelló
10/11 - STÓMAC by Clara Peya in Granollers, La Nau1
17/11 - LOVE SONGS AND DEMONS with band. Official presentation at the 50th Voll-Damm Festival Jazz Barcelona. Auditorium of the Superior Conservatory of the Liceu, Barcelona.
23/11 - Quartet Mèlt sings at the Christmas lights switch-on in Sabadell. 
30/11 - Mèlt Quartet in Cornellà


10/19 - Presentation STOMACH, by Clara Peya / Sala Apolo, Barcelona
25/10 - Magalí Sare and Dani López "Songs of love and demons" / Bar Mut, Sant Cugat
28/10 - STOMACH, by Clara Peya / Café Teatre Escorxador, Lleida
09/9 - Magalí Sare and Andreu Zaragoza, Castell de Montbui de Bigues i Riells
13/9 - Pre-premiere "LEON", Quartet Mèlt, The Pinker Tones and Quartet Brossa, 
          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_MMVV at the Atlantida Theater in Vic
9/13 - Clara Peya previews "ESTÓMAC", MMVV at the Auditori de l'Atlantida in Vic
14/9  - Magalí Sare duo presents "Songs of love and demons", MMVV Vic interior patio of Atlântida
15/9 - Clara Peya pre-premiere "STOMACH", Auditori de l'Ateneu de Banyoles
22/9 - Magalí í Sare duo "Songs of love and demons" at Gelida's Particular Stages
29/9 - Clara Peya pre-premiere "ESTÓMAC", Fira B in Palma, Mallorca
02/8 - Magalí Sare and Manel Fortià at the Jazzejada de Vilameniscle
03/8 - "Songs of love and demons" as a duo at the Vinyasons Festival. Celler Carol Vallès
04/8 - "Songs of love and demons" with band at the Vinyasons Festival. Winery Martín Faixó
10/8 - "Songs of love and demons" as a duo at the Festes de Son Macià, Mallorca
12/8 - "Songs of love and demons",  Al fresco concerts in Pals (Pati de Ca la Pruna)
8/15 - Mèlt Quartet "Bestial" at Pati de la Concordia in Agullana.
16/8  - Mèlt Quartet "Bestial" in Pla de Santa Maria
23/8  - Magalí Sare i Sebastià Gris in Sa Cova Dets Ases, Portocolom, Mallorca
05/7 -  Clara Peya i Magalí Sare al Festival REMOR de Teià
11/7 - Clara Peya and Magalí Sare at the Festival of Poetry and + of Arenys de mar
13/7 - Djavan is boys at Marula Café (BCN)
14/7 - "Songs of love and demons" at the Ethno Catalonia Festival in Banyoles
21/7 - "Songs of love and demons" duet with Sebastià Gris in Reciclàlia (Vic)
7/23 - "Songs of love and demons" at Music in the Parks, Parc del Guinardó
29/7 - Magalí Sare and Manel Fortià at Casa Ikigai (BCN)
09/6 - Quartet Mèlt i Pax Chamber Chorus: Charity concert for Oncolliga in Sabadell
09/6 - Magalí Sare and Manel Fortià at the ELIXIR Poetry Festival in Terrassa 
11/6 - Magalí Sare and Sebastià Gris in Robadors23
15/6 - Collaboration with Pere Bujosa Group at Nits de Jazz a la Pedrera
6/20 - Magalí Sare sings at the ARA Balears awards gala in Es Baluard de Palma, Mallorca
12/5 - Presentation of the first album "Songs of love and demons" at Center Artesà Traditions, BCN
18/5 - Quartet Mèlt sings BESTIAL at the Puríssima Church, Sabadell
19/5 - Quartet Mèlt sings BESTIAL in Vistabella
25/5 - Magalí Sare and Manel Fortià a Casa Elizalde
27/5 - Magalí Sare, Manel Fortià and Pau Domènech at Vermut Jazz de l'Auditori. 
4/4 - Magali Sare and Sebastià duo in the tavern of the Center Artesà Tradicioànrius de Gràcia, Barcelona
01/3  - "Temps de Mèlt" at the Poliorama Theater
09/3 - Magalí Sare and Manel Fortià duo at the Centelles Jazz Festival
11/3 - Magalí Sare and Manel Fortià duo at the Café de l'Auditori de Sant Cugat
16/3 - Magalí Sare and Manel Fortià duo at the Cloister of Sant Domènec, La Seu d'Urgell
23/3 - Quartet Mèlt sings BESTIAL at the Santa Coloma de Farners Auditorium
03/2 - "Djavan e nos" in Argelaguer. JOGLAR DAY solidarity day
16/2 - Magalí Sare and Sebastià Gris duo at Espai Mallorca
26/2 - "Temps de Mèlt" at the Poliorama Theater
28/2 - "Temps de Mèlt" at the Poliorama Theater
03/1 - Bull i Pebre Bord Jazz Orchestra at the Manacor Theatre, Mallorca
15/1 - Magalí Sare and Sebastia duo in Robadors23

Concerts 2018

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