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The Catalan singer and double bass player continue to make their way together and surprise us once again with an album inspired by sea trips and the cultural exchanges that they caused in the past. Today it is no longer necessary to take a boat to discover and learn from new cultures, which is why the duo's source of inspiration has been creating imaginary routes and musical fusions that give meaning to each of the songs on this album. Returning home after learning new rhythms and melodies makes us strengthen our own roots and allows them to be transformed without losing their essence. In this way, and without leaving the present moment, the message endures over time. A declaration of intentions.


We are facing a fresh, original and mature album, where the instrumental part is no longer limited only to Manel Fortià's double bass, as in the previous album "Fang i Núvols" (2020). Here we also find the percussion of David Domínguez as well as flutes, background vocals, bass ukulele and other small percussions that add to the sound spectrum of the band, making Magalí Sare’s voice shine with even greater intensity and gives character to this 21st century Ibero-American folklore.

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