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Magalí Sare & Sebastià Gris

Magalí and Sebastià, Majorcan guitarist, studied together at the Liceu Conservatory in Barcelona. They have been playing together since 2016 and have gone through many different stages in terms of musical genres. The main language that united them was jazz, although they immediately included Pop in their repertoire. They have put on several world music shows and composed their own songs. 

They are currently filming a very special project:"A BOY & A GIRL"(Microscope, 2020), hisfirst duet albumproduced byDavid Soler. The repertoire of this album is composed of chamber music by great European composers such as F. Schubert, R. Strauss, F. Poulenc or Eduard Toldrà, and also some traditional Mallorcan songs. These songs are far removed from their original genre not only because of the reinterpretation and arrangements of the two components of the duo, but also because of the worlds of electronic effects that David Soler has incorporated into these songs._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

Prior to this, they released a two-song EP of their own called Venim a que mundo.

The year2018they winthe jazz premiere of Juventudes Musicales de Españaand the2019they win thefirst prizefrominternational competitionof music in minority languagesSUNS Europeheld in Udine, Italy.



Songs of love and demons (Self-published, 2018) is the title of his first album as a leader. These are songs that are part of a therapeutic process to overcome a personality crisis following a destructive emotional relationship and psychological abuse. The singer closes a dark stage in her life by getting rid of the demons in her head: bad influences, destructive thoughts, envy, grudges... and ends up rediscovering love in places where she didn't appreciate it before.

The lyrics are as metaphorical as they are raw and explicit. A bilingual disc, half in Catalan and half in English. The singer admits that this second language served her to disinhibit herself and to say some things that perhaps in her language she would not dare. This album hopes to heal corrosive feelings by coming to the conclusion that, with all the risks of being wrong, it's always worth falling in love.

​From its eclectic background , this album flips the colors and textures that can sometimes be remembered in jazz to chamber music, but always maintains the simplicity of pop in the melodies and piano accompaniments that arose from his own fingers._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Music, lyrics and original arrangements produced by Vic Moliner (who also plays electric bass and double bass) and Panxii Badii. We find Andreu Moreno on drums, Dani López on wind instruments, Clara Manjón on cello and Armando Erenas on guitars. The album also features collaborations with Manel Fortià, Carolina Alabau and Elisenda Julià. 


Magalí Sare and Manel Fortià Duo

Voice and double bass join and interact on stage creating a raw and stripped-down sound that together with percussion elements paint different atmospheres for each song. 

Magalí and Manel have been playing together since 2016 and have shown their music at many jazz festivals throughout Catalonia. They started out playing jazz standards but their style has changed several times. Currently, the repertoire of songs ranges from Catalonia to South America crossing the Iberian Peninsula. The challenge is to mix melodies from one culture with rhythms from another. 

​The show becomes a constant game. Experimentation and free improvisation are always present, breaking with the purity of traditional music that stands out for its originality and artistic quality. the voice and double bass take them to unsuspected limits at every moment. 

2020 is the year they release their first album. 

Melt Quartet

Magalí has been the soprano of Quartet Mèlt since its foundation in 2012. It is a quartet of a cappella voices that became known to the general public_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_arran for winning the 3rd edition of TV3's Oh Happy Day music competition in 2015.


They have recorded two discs. The first, Maletes (RGB Suports, 2016), was carried all over Catalonia and Europe, selling more than 3000 copies. The following year they recorded their second CD-DVD Xarrampim! (RGB Suports, 2017) which is a collection of carols both a cappella and accompanied by a jazz combo arranged by Joan Albert Amargós which premiered the same year at the Sala Gran de l'Auditori with more than two thousand people. They also performed in the UK as part of The King's Singers Summer School. 

The last project they have been shooting is a "concert-play" IMPARABLES that reviews the last hundred years of Catalonia's history through its songs. This show has taken them to stages all over Catalonia with seasons at Molino de Barcelona and Teatre Poliorama.

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STOMACH, Clara Peya 

In 2018, Magalí became the voice of Clara Peya's songs by recordingSTOMACH, the eighth album by the pianist and composer. This project is currently en touring all over Catalonia and Europe.. 

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