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Cançons d'amor i dimonis

("Songs of love and demonds") This is the title of her first album as a composer (lyrics and music). These are songs that are part of a therapeutic process to overcome a personal crisis as a result of a toxic relationship of psychological abuse. Through music, the singer closes a dark stage of her life by expelling the demons from her head and ends up rediscovering love.

The lyrics can be as metaphorical as they are raw and explicit. A bilingual record: half in Catalan and half in English, as the singer admits that this second language helped her to disinhibit herself and say things that she would not have dared to say in her own language. This album hopes to heal corrosive feelings, concluding that the mistakes we make along the way don’t matter as long as they’re made in the name of love.


From her eclectic background she combines the colors and textures of jazz with the simplicity of pop melodies and piano accompaniments arising from his own fingers, impregnated, at times, with arrangements reminiscents of chamber music.

This record is produced by Vic Moliner (who also plays electric bass and double bass) and Panxii Badii. On drums we find Andreu Moreno, on wind instruments Dani López, on cello Clara Manjón and on guitars Armando Erenas. The album also features collaborations such as double bassist Manel Fortià and background vocals by Carolina Alabau and Elisenda Julià.

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